Taking care of your Tattoo

How to care for your tattoo

  • Remove dressing after 1 hour and bathe with warm soapy water
  • Bathe as normal and pat dry
  • Do not rub, pick or scratch your tattoo as this can cause infection
  • Do not go swimming with a fresh tattoo
  • Keep your fresh tattoo out of sunlight
  • Avoid contamination with dirt, grease etc
  • Apply a tiny amount of either savlon cream or Vaseline once a day
  • Do not smother your tattoo with cream

Please listen carefully to your artist, they will give you the appropriate after-care guidelines for the area that you have had tattooed.

Please follow these important guidelines, We cannot be held responsible for the way you treat your tattoo after you leave our studio. If you have any questions about the healing of your tattoo please feel free to pop in or contact us via telephone or email.